Red Slow Label

What is "Red Slow Label"?

This page is about Google testing a new indicator in its mobile search results, the Red Slow Label, first spotted on 24th, February 2015 by K Neeraj Kayastha. This label would be a gamechanger as it warns the user before clicking that a website might load slowly.

Red Slow Label in Google Search Results

We don't know much of it right now, except that the label has been spotted using incognito mode (on android). Someone from Google when asked by Search Engine Land answered: "we're always experimenting"

UPDATE: "Slow To Load" Warning

On 15th, June 2015, The Android Soul Blog spotted the "Slow To Load" Warning. We don't know yet if it is a new test or an update of the Red Slow Label, but one thing is sure: you have to prepare your website for a major change!

Background: Google and Web Performance

SEO is not the only matter

If you're getting worried about your website speed due too Red Slow Label, please take a look on the other impacts: conversion rate, users satisfaction and confidence, hosting costs, average cart value, etc. A fast website is a must-have, not only for SEO!

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Will my website be slow-labelled?

For the moment, you just can't know. Please keep in mind that the Slow Label is just a test for now. However, we strongly encourage you to test your website and to start optimizing it for better performance:

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